Proprietary Manufacturing

YBCO Molecular Formation

YBCO Molecular Formation

MetOx Single Pass Manufacturing

MetOx Single Pass Manufacturing


With years of research and product development integrating Nobel Prize science with expert technology design, MetOx “nano-engineers” a complex material at the atomic level. Our modified MOCVD manufacturing process employs a breakthrough technology to provide the scalable low-cost supply of high performance HTS wire, unique to MetOx.


MetOx’s proprietary manufacturing process allows us to produce lengths of HTS wire below current market prices. This means we quickly produce to the scale our customers need, whatever the project, quickly and cost-effectively.

MetOx is well positioned to have our commercial manufacturing facilities established by end of 2020, with capacity to produce 3000-4000 kms of wire per year from a single facility.



CCAS Brochure on Superconductivity

CCAS Brochure on Superconductivity


What’s it all about?

Discovered over 100 years ago, superconductors have long been known for their fascinating and valuable properties, including the unique ability to carry an enormous amount of current through a small space, with no electrical loss and without producing heat.

Momentum is buildinG

With new technological advances and upgraded manufacturing processes across a variety of industries, engineers and scientists are designing devices that depend on superconducting wire to manage exponentially larger power requirements.

Many commercial, medical, military and scientific applications depend on the properties of superconducting materials. A host of applications and devices that are highly dependent on superconductivity are being built today and are critical to addressing key global needs:

We acknowledge CCAS, the Coalition for the Commercial Application of Superconductors, and the IEEE CES for their work developing resources in superconductivity and technology. We support their initiatives to promote the adoption of this world changing technology. 

·      Reliable, sustainable clean energy generation

·      Improved medical imaging and treatment

·      Power transmission and urban electricity

·      Efficient and affordable public transportation


HTS Wire

Wire architecture.png

HTS wire flows extraordinarily large current down extremely small wires to effectively power complex devices, industrial applications, and cities. The Coalition for the Commercial Application of Superconductors (CCAS) has detailed the important properties of HTS materials. Each property is enabling to a wide range of commercial applications:

Worldwide, more than 30% of generated electricity, equivalent to $100-125 billion/year, is lost in transmission and in inefficient equipment.
  • Zero resistance to direct current

  • Extremely high current carrying density

  • Extremely low resistance at high frequencies

  • Extremely low signal dispersion

  • High sensitivity to magnetic field

  • Exclusion of externally applied magnetic field

  • Rapid single flux quantum transfer

  • Close to speed of light signal transmission

Using HTS wire results in less fuel consumption and less pollutants in our air and water. It’s like finding a vast new energy reserve without mining for coal or drilling for hydrocarbons in politically or environmentally sensitive areas.


Density, Capacity, Efficiency, Price.