Markets & Applications

the ‘powerline’ of the future in:

Clean Power Generation. Transmission & Urban Electricity. Medical Diagnostics & Treatment. Transportation. Military Systems. High Energy Physics. Space Applications.


Global problems need new answers.

A fundamental shift: breaking free from yesterdays technology

World population growth brings a series of complex challenges to humanity and the environment. A fundamental shift is required to meet global needs, and with this shift comes a commitment to take action, where and however we can to effect both local and global change.

Next generation advanced devices that use HTS wire have already been built by major manufacturing companies. When rolled out at scale, these devices will directly contribute to significant improvements for the following global needs:

  • Reliable affordable clean energy

  • Efficient affordable medical care

  • Reliable power transmission and distribution

  • Efficient affordable public transportation


Expanding market demand

Valuable HTS wire applications are proven, but high cost and limited supply of wire have impeded market growth.

MetOx will break down these gating issues.

Widespread commercial use of HTS devices requires a reliable supply of affordable HTS wire. Companies are also working on new advanced devices, such as commercial fusion energy, which require significant supply.

Markets are projected to expand at an unprecedented rate. Government agencies and commercial organizations worldwide have suggested that once there is a reliable source of commercially viable HTS wire, annual HTS device markets for the already proven devices will rapidly exceed $100 Billion and should eventually exceed $200 Billion. If the new devices, such as fusion energy, take hold, the markets will be even more exceptional.


Cable and Magnetic Field Applications

Distribution cables can carry more than 10 times the same amount of power as a copper line of the same size. Instead of high voltage transmission in 750’ rights of way, HTS will have safe underground power in 30’ rights of way.

Power for our increasingly electrified lives will be developed in urbanized areas where overhead lines might not be permitted. Magnets can be more powerful, yet more compact and lower weight. This allows for smaller and lighter rotating equipment such as ship motors and wind turbines, and entirely new devices that are not possible with conventional materials, such as practical fusion generation.

New opportunities, new industries, new applications - made possible with HTS wire.


Cable Applications

Loss and heat free HTS cables will result in large future requirements to de-bottleneck power supplies for cities and build a more reliable, efficient transmission and distribution network.




resulting in Positive environmental impact from a better grid that can be permitted.


Magnet Applications

Next generation devices use high temperature superconducting wire to make powerful compact devices that will require tremendous annual order volumes.




More powerful magnets for better devices: motors, generators, portable medical diagnostics, and more.


Changes today open new possibilities for tomorrow


Affordable HTS wire enables applications for existing and future markets that cross industry segments and geographical boundaries

Street level utilities, NYC, April 2015

Street level utilities, NYC, April 2015


Replacing our outdated power grid and transmission lines will produce significant benefits for our increasingly electricity-dependent world. Low cost MetOx HTS wire will enable the power grid of the future with new HTS transmission lines and substations. In dense city environments, loss and heat free HTS systems will invisibly provide for urban development and city expansion.

New developments in MRI machines, medical imaging and treatment options

New developments in MRI machines, medical imaging and treatment options

Medical Devices & Applications

HTS wire is a key technology enabling engineers to develop a new world of high efficiency, low cost devices for medical diagnostics and treatments.

Solar farm and Wind turbines create clean energy

Solar farm and Wind turbines create clean energy

Clean Energy

Large scale commercial production will enable the development of large-scale wind, solar, fusion, and energy storage systems that need a reliable supply of low cost, high performance HTS wire.

Superconducting Maglev Train, Shanghai

Superconducting Maglev Train, Shanghai


Ships, trains, and aircraft can all benefit from HTS. Superconducting maglev trains have been built, ship motor prototypes tested, and electric aircraft concepts that use superconducting elements are being developed.

Space Station orbiting Earth

Space Station orbiting Earth

New Space

The Next Frontier is today’s reality. Advances in magnetic energy storage, radio satellites and other space applications benefit from the unique properties of superconductivity. MetOx is working to provide the HTS wire performance, quantity, and price to support these and other “New Space” technology devices and systems.