Louis Castellani

Founder, Member of Management Committee, Director, Chairman Emeritus

Serial entrepreneur and founder of MetOx, Louis brings an extensive track record of projects that were built on creating value through technology commercialization. Hailing from New York, Lou began his professional career at ABB where he completed a two-year technical training program, then worked on energy and environmental projects throughout the US. For the past 40 years since, he has started, owned, and operated a number of energy and environmental businesses.

Lou founded and led Clearwater Engineering, a 300-employee technology company that received national acclaim when it solved a critical nuclear waste groundwater infiltration problem for the DOE/DOD Savanna River Nuclear Facility. He also founded and led the Adirondack companies, which participated in the development of power, cogeneration and infrastructure projects worldwide.

On the Management Committee and Board, Lou remains focused on the company vision: Changing how the world uses electricity.

Contact: Louis Castellani


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